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Dig deeper into the Word of God with great teachers!

~During the Week~

Parenting Class "Building Character"

Fridays @ 7:15pm

Check back soon for next class! 

Raise kids who turn out right by building character into their hearts. This small group video study gives parents skills to:

Raise kids who flourish in hostile culture;

Instill the six most critical character traits a child needs;

Prepare kids for the challenges of loneliness, fear, & temptation;

Minimize the hassles of parenting; Maximizes future potential;

Apply practical lessons that work with kids.

Cost for Textbook: $12

~Sunday Mornings~

The Book of Exodus

Sundays @ 10:45am

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At the beginning of the book of Exodus, hundreds of years have elapsed since God first spoke the promises to Abraham.  His descendants are a nation without a country.  Exodus begins the story of the birth of God's chosen nation, Israel, the forging a special relationship with them, and the unfolding of the promises to Abraham.  The stories of the Ten Plagues, the first Passover, the parting of the Red Sea, and the Ten Commandments are all found in the book of Exodus.

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