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Dear Church Family,                                                                                                                                                         UPDATE: 5/24/23


On Sunday, Pastor Mike Caiazzo spoke about The Marks of a Servant as discussed in Philippians 2.

  1. Be led by the spirit. Prayer is crucial before you jump into serving.

  2. What are you motivated by? Jesus served to demonstrate the Father’s love, not to feel good about Himself.

  3. Do nothing from selfish ambition. Serve humbly without complaining.

  4. Consider others more important than you, not to be a doormat but to recognize that your way is not the only way.

  5. Die to yourself and be willing to do what the Lord asks you to do.

People don’t need a bible verse.

They need you to reach out to them, to care for them, to love them, to serve them with joy, peace, and faith in Jesus.


Tonight @ 7pm

Men's Acts Study

Women's Psalm 23 Study 



This Friday is the last regular night for Gophers, Olympians, & GCY Youth Group. Fun Night is next week.


This Sunday


Ecclesiastes Adult Bible Study @ 9am in Classroom #1


Vacation Bible School Volunteer Meeting @ 12:30pm in the Kid's Building

Bring a Lap-top, iPad, or Tablet and learn how to access resources from the online portal!

We still need volunteers to serve in VBS. Please come to the meeting to see where you can help.


Coming Up


End-of-the-Year Family Fun Night Event Friday June 2nd @ 7pm


Spring Brunch for Girls of all Ages Saturday June 3rd @ 11:30am


Church Family BBQ June 4th after the service


 Women's Prayer Meeting Tuesday June 13th  @ 11am


"Heroes of the Holy Life"  Ladies Book Discussion June 20, July 25th, August 22nd 


Keepers of the Kingdom  Vacation Bible School August 7th - 11th 


 Have a great week! See you Sunday for a special message from our guest preacher Pastor Jim Ryan!

Pastor Matthew

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