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UPDATE: 09/16/20


Dear Church Family,



It was great to see children enjoying GC Kids & Toddler Sunday School last week! Our GC Kids & Toddler Sunday School programs have reopened and are being offered during the 11AM service. Pre-Kindergarten (4-year-olds) through 5th graders can check-in at the Kid's Building. 18-month-olds through 3-year-olds can check-in at the Orange Classroom. Check-in begins a few minutes before 11AM, so parents can be in the sanctuary in time for the 11AM service. Please join us!

Sunday also started a new adult bible study on the Book of Revelation. With extreme events taking place today -  a global pandemic, violence in the streets, more and more false teachers, natural disasters - we are prompted to ask "Does it mean anything?"  This verse by verse study of the prophetic Book of Revelation will help us understand events that are to take place in the end-times. All are welcome to join this class on Sundays at 10:45AM in the Red Classroom on the lower level of the Kid's Building.

Our message series continues this Sunday with "Got Mission?" Discover the call Jesus has for His church.

Thank you for continuing to follow reopening guidelines. We pray God's continued protection for everyone who joins us each Sunday. Remember to provide face coverings for yourself and children under 3 years, and maintain social distance when appropriate. We continue our hygienic & disinfecting precautions as well.


Have a great week - see you Sunday!

Pastor Scott 



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