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Dear Church Family,                                                                                                                                                         UPDATE: 9/27/22

No other topics cause as much conflict as politics and religion. But as Christians with the right & opportunity to vote,

we are messengers of what can save and change lives.

We are responsible to be a blessing and to pray for our leaders. Our RESPONSIBILITY is FOR government.

Honor all men. Fear God. Love the brotherhood. Honor the king. 1 Peter 2:17

Seek the welfare of the city God has you in; pray for it to the LORD, for upon its welfare your own depends. See Jer. 29:7

Our VOTE should reflect our VALUES. Marriage, family, church, government, & right-to-life all have divine purpose.

Talk about what God has to say regarding these institutions, not quarrelsomely to win a debate,

but considerately and graciously to share truth and shine the light of Christ.


Special Congregational Prayer Service tonight at 7pm

Men's Roman's Study Wednesdays @ 7pm

Women's Take Courage Study Wednesdays @ 7pm

Friday Night Family Ministries @ 7pm

The Book of Acts Adult Bible Study - Sundays @ 11am

St James Day Outreach - Sunday October 2nd from 9am - 4pm on Lake Avenue

Please Note: The Lord's Supper will be celebrated on Sunday October 2nd at both services!


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See you Sunday ~ Pastor Scott  & Pastor Matthew