Over the next few weeks a lot has to change in how we grow, gather, and go. 

This is going to be the place to get connected and find out what is coming up over the next several weeks. 

Jump into each of these areas to grow deeper and stay connected! They will be updated every Monday at 5pm. 

1. Teaching Moment

Every week we are going to take just a few minutes to look at truth from God's Word together. 

For this week take a look at this 9 minute video by our winter camp speaker. Duffy Robins. "Don't Be Afraid of Dark Times"

Right now things are up in the air with the coronavirus and social distancing. This can be a little frightening and maybe even a little dark. There are certainly things about this that are not easy.

Read Romans 5:1-5.

  • How can God use this time in your life to bring good in you?

  • If it's true that he does bring hoy in difficulty, how can remembering this affect the way you think and what you do?

2. Activity challenge

Our first challenge will be released Monday.


Sign up for the Journey Text Group or The Peak Text Group on Remind to get a message the second it's up.

3.Discipleship Challenge

Every week we have a challenge to help you grow in your faith and walk of following Jesus. 

This week is grow your faith by spending time with God.

You can get a bible reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App or download a reading plan through James below. 

4. Weekly Gathering

There are going to be two ways to stay connected as a group in this season.


Our youth group livestream will be have games, giveaways, and encouragement from God's Word.  

Sing up for online groups that will be happening in zoom, sign up in the link below to join.



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